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Princess 3/4 ermer V-hals Gulvlengde Chiffong Kjoler til brudens mor

Salgs Pris: kr 1 129

Market Pris: kr 4 474

(75% AVSLAG)
Egendefinert størrelse

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Produktkode 60515
Arstid Vår,Sommer,Høst,Vinter
Materiale Chiffong
Halsutskjæring V-hals
Silhuett A-formet/Prinsesse
Armlengde 3/4 ermer
Utsmykning Perler
Midje Naturlig
Rygg Glidlås
Hemline/Tog Gulvlengde
Vist Farge Burgunder
pakkevekt 1500.0000
Skreddersydd tid:12-15 dager Enten du velger en standard størrelse eller tilpassede målinger, skreddersyr våre skreddere hver produkt å bestille. Leveringstid:3-8 dager Din produkt blir ferdig skreddersydd på rundt 12-15 dager. Da sender vi det ut via UPS / DHL / TNT / Fedex.

Dette produktet er laget-på-bestilling. Enten du velger en standardstørrelse eller tilpassede målinger, skreddersyr våre skreddere hvert produkt for å bestille.

Den tidligste ankomstdagen er Jul 02,2021 hvis bestillingen er plassert i dag.

Princess 3/4 ermer V-hals Gulvlengde Chiffong Kjoler til brudens mor



  1. Column V-hals Paljetter Kjoleslep Jersey kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 386

    Market Pris: kr 5 437

  2. Princess Kort erme Øse Kjoleslep Applikasjoner Chiffong Party kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 228

    Market Pris: kr 5 038

  3. A-formet/Prinsesse Båthals Lange ermer Chiffong Kort slep kjoler med Blonder

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 062

    Market Pris: kr 5 204

  4. Trompet V-hals Spandex Kort slep Mote kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 021

    Market Pris: kr 4 972

  5. A-formet/Prinsesse Øse Ermeløs Chiffong Krystall Gulvlengde kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 295

    Market Pris: kr 5 046

  6. Ballkjole Lange ermer Båthals Satin Gulvlengde kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 187

    Market Pris: kr 4 922

  1. Ballkjole Ermeløs Lett-av-skulderen Applikasjoner Tyll Kjoleslep kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 187

    Market Pris: kr 4 997

  2. A-formet/Prinsesse Neckline Ermeløs Kjoleslep Applikasjoner Chiffong kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 129

    Market Pris: kr 4 665

  3. Trompet/Havfrue Lett-av-skulderen Ermeløs Blonder Kjoleslep kjoler med Perler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 154

    Market Pris: kr 5 777

  4. Ballkjole V-hals Kort slep Tyll Party kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 179

    Market Pris: kr 4 972

  5. Gorgeous Ballkjole V-hals Lange ermer Blonder Kjoleslep Tyll Brudekjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 353

    Market Pris: kr 15 554

  6. Princess Høy Hals Tyll Perler Gulvlengde kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 328

    Market Pris: kr 4 673

  1. A-formet Ermeløs Lett-av-skulderen Asymmetrisk Applikasjoner Organza Ballkjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 303

    Market Pris: kr 4 847

  2. Ballkjole Ermeløs Juvel Satin Gulvlengde kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 270

    Market Pris: kr 4 465

  3. Gorgeous Havfrue V-hals Lange ermer Blonder Kort slep Tyll Brudekjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 411

    Market Pris: kr 9 354

  4. A-formet/Prinsesse V-hals Ermeløs Kjoleslep Perler Tyll kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 370

    Market Pris: kr 4 897

  5. Havfrue Spagetti stropper Ermeløs Applikasjoner Organza Gulvlengde Ballkjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 403

    Market Pris: kr 6 001

  6. A-formet V-hals Kjoleslep Blonder Ermeløs Tyll Brudekjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 162

    Market Pris: kr 9 064

  1. Princess Ren nakke Lange ermer Blonder Gulvlengde Chiffong Mote kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 162

    Market Pris: kr 5 013

  2. A-formet/Prinsesse Øse Applikasjoner Kjoleslep Chiffong kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 129

    Market Pris: kr 5 453

  3. Gorgeous Ballkjole V-hals Lange ermer Blonder Kort slep Satin Brudekjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 386

    Market Pris: kr 7 163

  4. Havfrue Høy Hals Satin Lange ermer Applikasjoner Kjoleslep Ballkjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 303

    Market Pris: kr 5 777

  5. Ballkjole Ermeløs Båthals Applikasjoner Kort slep Tyll Brudekjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 660

    Market Pris: kr 7 752

  6. A-formet/Prinsesse Grime Kort/Mini Tyll kjoler

    Salgs Pris: kr 1 087

    Market Pris: kr 3 785



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This dress was purchased for me by the bride. The dress was perfect for me the tall bridesmaid and for the other much shorter bridesmaid. The colour was gorgeous and the quality was fantastic!. We had the shoulder strap realigned at the back so it wouldn't slip down but other than that it was perfect. We went with custom measurements just to be sure and were very happy with the results. This dress can't really be altered easily so I would recommend custom measurements if you are at all concerned. We both got lots of positive comments and I felt great in the dress. The only problem that occurred was that on the day the straps came loose from the bodice on the front, so I would check the stitch that holds it up before wearing. We just used a safety pin and that fixed the problem. Still was a gorgeous dress! We were very happy.




beautiful well designed dress with just a little detail, colour was just perfect for matching bridemaids




I ordered this dress in lavender for my sons' wedding in September in California, and I LOVED IT! The colour was just as it showed on the site and it fit perfectly and arrived as scheduled. I received so many compliments. I felt fantastic! Beautiful dress!

Kathleen Walker



Just wanted to say my dresses came today they are absoluley beautiful




This dress was everything I expected and more!!! It fits me like a glove. The dress is very flattering on the body and I got lots of comments when I wore it out. I would recommend this dress 100%. I also bought the dress in royal blue. It looks exactly like the picture on the website. Ill see if I can post some pics up soon.




Beautiful dress. Sizing is exactly as indicated in sizing chart. Fantastic quality and color is gorgeous. Can't wait to wear it at my best friend's wedding. Third time we buy from your site. First was for my wedding last april, then for a friends wedding last summer and now for another wedding. I will continue to suggest your site to friends. Only down side to ordering, is the price of duty charged by customs.




Absolutely gorgeous dress, beautifully made. I'm very happy with my Mother of the Groom dress.

keyko Oshiro



Os vestidos sao bonitos e o acabamento e bom gostei

Sylvia Johnson



Dresses were beautifully made and lining was lined to give the skirt a fuller appearance. Nice quality, which I am glad about, given its price which is not the most expensive, but also not the cheapest, especially as the duty payable on some of the items I ordered was quite expensive.




Was exceptionally happy with the dress and very prompt delivery service. Strongly recommend.

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